Our Way of Life



Ethics Above All Else

Always act in the highest ethical manner with uncompromising integrity and accountability. Trust takes a lifetime to build and a moment to lose.


Own the business

Build the company as though it’s our own business. Don’t just complete the job, but make the process and product better for the future.


Work to better ourselves, our clients, and our community

Raise the performance bar for our company, our clients, and our community. Pursue bold ideas and innovative approaches. Learn, grow, and apply knowledge. Hold yourself and others around you to the highest standards.


Relationships matter

Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Hire and develop the very best people. Build relationships with both team members and clients and work together as an effective team.


Be a partner to clients and a protector of investors’ interests

Anticipate our clients’ needs and develop long-lasting relationships. Respond quickly and thoughtfully. Remember that each individual investor is our client too.

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No Bureaucracy

Got an idea? Great! Let’s do it.

We like big brains and we cannot lie

We take great pride in being smart, and we never stop learning. CPAs, CFAs, JDs, MBAs…we hire the best.

We celebrate everything

New hires, birthdays, engagements, new children, and fur babies – we take the day off for our birthdays.

We are trailblazers and innovators

We believe in carving our own path as individuals and as a firm. Want to take the firm lead on cryptocurrencies? Tag, you’re it! How can we help you?

Beef jerky and Skinny Pop for Days

We like to eat. Tasty, healthy, salty and sweet – we have it all.

We get stuff done

Technology and superior processes are our friends. We don’t skimp, and we don’t do things “the way they’ve always been done”. We are constantly improving.

Committees – we got ‘em

Aside from work committees, we have the fun committee, book club, and more.

Have a life

We work to live, not live to work. Family, friends, volunteering – we want you to have it all. Work/life integration is a priority for us.

Hole in the wall grub club

Fridays should be fun! Think you know the best kept secret restaurant for tacos, falafel, or tikka masala? Game on!

We own a lake house

No seriously, we do. And it has two boats, corn hole, volleyball, and a fire pit.

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